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2023-10-13 07:23:56

Hard work, consistent quality丨DISAI equipment delivery is busy

Autumn is getting stronger in September and the weather is getting cooler, but it still cannot stop the rush of DISAI equipment shipments. Entering September, DISAI equipment has ushered in the peak shipment period. In order to allow customers to receive goods as scheduled and put them into production as soon as possible, DISAI's various departments have worked closely together, and the front-line production employees have gone all out to ensure production and continue to deliver goods.

A truck loaded with equipment is about to drive to its destination. On-time delivery is an important commitment of DISAI Equipment to its customers!

Each vehicle loaded with equipment is filled with the full expectations of customers. Customers give us trust, and we return customer satisfaction and output. In the future, DISAI Equipment will continue to innovate and develop new products, new technologies, and new processes to provide customers with better equipment and better services to achieve win-win cooperation.